The Twisted World

The Twisted World🌍😈

One day in the middle of summer Liam was playing a game of soccer at Mount Taranaki national park. One of the players kicked the ball into the forest; “I’ll get it” shouted Liam as he entered the forest he that he won’t come out of anytime soon.
Liam searched the forest in the direction where the ball flew and then he found the a small circular crater the size of a soccer ball right in front of a mirror. Liam got closer to the mirror and realised there were only twisted forms of what’s in the reflection. The mirror started glowing, the things around him were corrupting and all he heard were screams; “Help!” yelled Liam at the top of his lungs; it all went white.
Liam woke up in a place very dark; “uhh where am I?” Liam asked himself. Liam wanders around the twisted place and then he finds a dark purple cloud that keeps glowing. “Wow, decent light” Liam said sarcastically. “Hello…Liam” said a voice; “who speaks” Liam says nervously. The cloud grows eyes and says “I k…

Punctuation by Jasmin

We use punctuation to make sense; to give the story more detail and it’s; and it’s way easier to read. Punctuation is one of the main parts in writing and the simplest thing can make it more interesting to read.
Punctuation makes your writing make a lot more sense for the reader because they know who’s talking and all you need to do is add simple speech marks at the beginning and end where someone speaks.
To make the story have more detail we can insert it by using colons, semi colons, comas and hyphens. It makes our story more interesting.
Our stories are so much easier to read when we use full stops and capital letters. It shows the reader where to start and stop at the start and end of a sentence
These are some reasons why we use punctuation.

By Jasmin.


“HIP, HIP, HOORAY!” Comes the sound of Judy’s birthday cheer. It was Judy’s 4th birthday and it’s time for presents. Her first present was followed by many others until she came to her last one. A soft cuddly teddy bear called Timmy from her dead grandparents. Wait dead grandparents!? Of course Judy didn’t understand but her parents did. They started worrying that something would happen to Judy and something did. It all happened in the Goblin Forest.........

The next morning at 3:00 AM disaster struck! Judy awoke. Timmy ghostly flew out of the room. Like a speeding bullet Judy shot across the hallway after her beloved stuffed bear. It flew out of the house but Judy followed it. Over the fence. Judy followed it still. She followed it into the Goblin Forest. All of a sudden Timmy disappeared. She observed the area and saw her desired teddy, floating in the thin air. Judy attempted to cling on to her cuddly bear but before she could it sunk into a mysterious purple portal.

Bush Walk Gone Bad by Chloe

It was a nice sunny spring morning in Taranaki so me and my family decided to go on a bush walk in Taranaki National Park. I breathed in the nice fresh air and listened to the native birds and rushing streams. Dry leaves crunched under myfeet and I smelt dirt and plants.
Finally after we had walked for a while Mum announced she was famished and we should sit down for a rest and a snack I sat down on a damp log and opened our day pack I got a kiwi fruit out.
Suddenly there was a quick flash and I felt the kiwi fruit get snatched out of my hand ; the kiwi fruit was gone.
I caught a glimpse of a black cloaked figure sprinting away, I chased after it as fast as I could it feltlike I was going 100 km an hour we winded through treesand twisted through vines.
I could see a mysterious blue object shimmering in the distance I tried toidentify it but before I could stop I went flying through it like a speeding bullet.
The whole world turned upside down as I started falling the wind whistling in my ea…

It had been raining all morning... By Jasmin

It had been raining all morning and then there was a enormous bang had waking me up in a fright. A cascade of water had catapulted into my room as if it was furious.

Leaping out my bed I hastily hid behind the lee side of my archives in my wardrobe. Where I’d hidden was not adequate as I got tugged away in the massive wave of debris and distractions.

As I clutched onto my squealing cat, I heard screams erupt, lights flickered and then complete darkness…

By Jasmin

The Minute That Destroyed My Life

The Minute That Destroyed My Life πŸŒͺπŸŒͺπŸŒͺπŸŒͺπŸŒͺπŸŒͺπŸŒͺπŸŒͺπŸŒͺπŸŒͺπŸŒͺπŸŒͺπŸŒͺπŸŒͺπŸŒͺπŸŒͺ
It had been raining all morning, I had just realised what happened after the minute of terror. Howling winds, bruised sky, heavy rain and a foggy view. I’m screaming of agony, being petrified of the rumbling noise. It was like an earthquake but more destructive, and in a blink it was gone.
I sat under the door frame wondering what it was.
I walk out of the door and see that my hometown is destroyed.
This is based on a true story, from my experience in a tornado.
By KatieπŸ¦„


It had been raining all morning, but I didn’t know until the bang woke me up...
Sharp, high pitched screams erupted my eardrums, as I rushed down the hallway and drew the curtain open. There lay a horrible sight.
A fluorescent streak of lightning flashed across the bruised sky as thunder crashed on the ground. Water engulfed the house, muddy water seeping under the doors. A massive swirl swished around the house and all of a sudden, it was gone. I looked outside and my home town is destroyed.